Heavy cargo (shipping heavy goods) is included in specialist cargo, which means it is categorized as special cargo goods that require special handling but on the operational side, the goods are still included in the category of general cargo.

It is called heavy cargo if the item has a weight of 70 kg or more in one colli. And in handling, the item is given a base underneath it to facilitate handling when loading / unloading.

In handling heavy cargo goods (shipping heavy goods) there is a tool known as the spreader board in the form of a board to spread the weight of objects so as not to damage the ULD (Load Device Unit) used.

For heavy cargo shipments (heavy goods shipments), the shipper will be charged a surcharge. The following is the amount of surcharge charged to the shipper in shipping heavy cargo.

  1. 70 kg S / D 149 kg surcharge 50%
  2. 150 kg S / D Kg then 100%

Items commonly included in the category of heavy cargo goods or heavy tonnage goods are cylindrical ships or ship spare parts, panels or electrical spare parts, pipes, heavy equipment spare parts, drill pipes, telecom tower spare parts or large-size project materials commonly used by contracting companies.

For weights above 250 kg can only be transported by airbus aircraft with a maximum length of 3.5 meters.

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