Provide satisfaction to customers, ship owners, goods owners and increase company value by maximizing resources.



  1. To maintain the quality of Human Resources (HR) through training activities in continuous training from outside such as workshops and seminars,
  2. To maintain adequate and quality equipment resources to support the services carried out,
  3. To have satisfying, print and electronic communication tools.
  4. To provide adequate working capital,
  5. To receive, study, analyze, and take concrete steps to meet the desired customers,
  6. Obey and quickly adapt to ongoing and new government regulations,
  7. Maximize management functions from planning to evaluation to create efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of management,
  8. Improve marketing techniques and strategies to gather new customers and retain customers.


We provide loading and unloading services to and from barges, from ships to ports, and vice versa.


We provide services to transfer goods from the port to the disposal site in the warehouse or field, and vice versa.

Reception / Delivery

We provide services for receiving and shipping goods from the owner of the goods or authorized persons in the disposal area at the port.

Solve Bulk Cargo

We are experienced in handling conventional bulk cargo / general cargo services such as; loading and removing frozen fish, Roll Paper, Tissue Paper, Swan Timber Loose Bundle, Steel, Steel Pipes, bulk liquids in drums, Ceramics, Slab Iron, Pulp Bale, Billed in Bundles, Wire Rods, etc.

Container Service

We are experienced in handling
various conventional containers
as a container 20 feet and 40 feet.


Unitizer With Roro Ship Services

In unitizer services with on-roll off roll vessels, we are experienced in handling various vehicles including: cars, trucks, buses and heavy equipment such as excavators, backhoes and tractors.

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