Logistics Services

With a proactive approach we will help your company in terms of mobility of goods across borders efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

  1. Selection of the most appropriate transportation model
  2. Selection of reliable transportation service providers
  3. Scheduling and ordering transportation
  4. Selection of cargo insurance
  5. Warehousing Services
  6. Warehousing Management Services

Heavy Cargo

Our company is experienced in handling conventional bulk cargo / general cargo services such as; loading and removing frozen fish, Roll Paper, Tissue Paper, Swan Timber Loose Bundle, Steel, Steel Pipes, bulk fluids in drums, Ceramics, Slab Iron, Bale Pulp, Tin Plates, Bore piles, Steel Envelopes, Steel Structures and Equipment, Bags Cargo, dry bulk, palletize / Unite, Steel Rail in Pcs, Pig Iron, H. Beam, Steel Plate and Jumbo Bag, H / R Coil, Steel Bar (ingots), Billed in Bundles, Wire Rods and Steel Rail Way in Bundle.

Consultation Services

We complement our project with consulting services as our commitment to provide excellent services to our clients. We will answer daily questions regarding customs formalities and opening problems, but not limited to: licensing / licensing, FTA issues, routes, shipping documents, customs procedures, etc.


› Assist our client team in making the necessary action plans and / or recovery actions if deemed necessary to decide what steps need to be followed by the selected Customs company;

› Helping our client team to arrange official letters for all customs questions and requests, or in response to customs clearance related to customs issues;

› Meet with the Customs Team when requested on behalf of our clients or take them to discussions with Customs teams after interviews or disputes

AEO Certification and Customs Services

We will assist your company in obtaining an AEO certificate with the scheduled time by helping to make certification requirements documents, assisting in the implementation, training and guidance in making your company’s SOP and assisting in customs requirements such as: Import Approval, Permit for goods subject to limited limits, Improved import status from the Red Line to the Green Line, Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse, Bonded Losgistic Center, KITE, etc.


Planning Services

Provide new ideas for increasing goods revenue in your supply chain, while ensuring that risks can be minimized

Qualification of Export and Import Goods

We can assist you in clarifying the facts about the HS Code of your goods and products, because this is one of the important parts in the export and import process that can affect the amount of customs fees incurred by your company

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